Bob Kuban

  Born in St. Louis, Bob graduated from Washington University and St. Louis Institute of Music before hitting it big with Bob Kuban and The In-Men in 1966, with their top ten hit "The Cheater". Gaslight Square, and his association with Ike & Tina Turner, heavily influenced his musical taste.
  Bob Kuban and The In-Men blazed their way to the top of the charts with their top 40 hit, The Cheater. The original In-Men included John Michael Krenski (bass player), Gregory Hoeltzel (organ), Walter Scott (vocals), Patrick Hickson (tenor sax and trumpet), Harry Simon (saxophone) and Paul Skip Weisser (trombone).
  With help from Johnnie Rabbit, Don Pietro'Monaco, at KXOK radio in St. Louis, The Cheater blasted its way to the top of the charts on St. Louis' Sing-a-Long Survey, spending three weeks at #1 on Billboard, St. Louis' Top Sellers. Bob Kuban and The In-Men appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, "Where the Action Is" and the soap opera Never Too Young. Returning to St. Louis, Bob Kuban and The In-Men were honored to perform at the first Cardinal Baseball game played at Busch Memorial Stadium in downtown St. Louis. Bob Kuban and The In-Men are also featured in the television series "Where are They Now-'One Hit Wonders'" on VH1.

Entertainment Agency:
  In 1976 The Bob Kuban Entertainment Agency opened for business. Bob has utilized his expertise as a performer and his experience as an agent to assemble a directory of entertainers capable of fulfilling everyone's entertainment needs. He has mastered the fine art of reading the crowd, keeping everyone relaxed out on the dance floor, and celebrating the occasion.
  Within the entertainment agency, Bob operates several divisions, one of them being The Bob Kuban Brass. This talented group- the agency's most requested band- has played for The Big Red and The St. Louis Baseball Cardinals, including three World Series. In 1994, The Kuban Brass entertained at the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Festival. Most recently, The Bob Kuban Brass opened for Michael McDonald, formerly of the Doobie Brothers. You also can catch Bob playing with Chuck Berry on a monthly basis at Blueberry Hill.
  The Bob Kuban Brass has a play list as versatile as the places they perform. Performances include music from the era of the Big Bands, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's through the contemporary songs of today. In a poll published by The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Bob Kuban Brass ranked second only to the Grammy award winning St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

Honors and Affiliations:
  A member of the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Bureau, Bob has been voted businessman of the month by The St. Louis Business Journal, and is involved with the most major events in St. Louis. In addition to The Bob Kuban Brass, the In-Men, and Bob Kuban Entertainment Agency, Bob operates Singles Night Out singles dances, Q-Man Music, a music publishing company, and Bob Kuban Entertainment, New Music Division.
  1n 1996, Bob Kuban became a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was presented a gold record for over one million records sold of The Cheater. The ceremony took place at Riverport Amphitheater with St. Louis' KLOU Program Director Dave Dunkin making the presentation. The Cheater was re-released on CD in 1996 as well.

Bob Kuban Entertainment Agency is in good standing with ASCAP and provides proof of insurance.

For tapes, CD's, song lists, or other information, please call the office at (636) 532-0788 or write:
  Bob Kuban Entertainment Agency
  17626 Lasiandra
  Chesterfield, MO 63005

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"You have set the gold standard for musical groups not only for the great music mix and talent but also for your flexibility and willingness to accommodate as the event develops."
-Robert F. Ritter, Attorney at Law

"I found the Kuban sound to be as fresh as ever. Kuban has kept pace with the times. No group is left out as there is something for everyone in his band's repertoire. Kuban's group is a class act. It looks as good as it sounds. The players go through their routines with the ease that only comes with being able to give people what they want. They obviously enjoy what they are doing, too, and it shows in their performance."
-Richard Krechel, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Once again you were the hit of the Captains' Ball. The only complaint I heard all night was when you stopped playing! Nobody wanted to go home! Thank you so much for creating such a fun and memorable evening. Personally, I would like to thank you and the entire band for being so professional and easy to work with. It was a pleasure to know that you would handle whatever difficulties arose, with good judgment and a smile."
-Sharon L. Miller, Committee Chairperson, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I cannot begin to tell you how many wonderful compliments we received on your fantastic band. As you know, the audience did not want you to stop! In addition, it was lovely that you stayed and played with the band as well."
-Ellen S. Zeiger, Executive Director, Orchid Ball

"The Bob Kuban Brass added such a festive air to the event. A fun evening of dancing and listening enjoyment was had by all. You have a way of getting people to come out on the dance floor and what a great way to work off the calories."
-Marlene Newmark, Chairperson, "A Taste of Italy", American Cancer Society