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April, 17 2011 - Nurses For Newborns Foudnation's 13th Annual "A Night for Newborns"

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Lance Greunke, Pat Dougherty Courtney and Andrew Tessier, Nicole and Steve Tessier, Kathleen and Dr. John Tessier Addie and Willie Tompkins Ed Dougherty, Bev Dougherty, Mary Ellen Cotsworth, Bill Siedhoff
Angela Makanson, Steve Trippe Kim and Peter Wazlawck, Liz Affias with puppy, Dr. Nanci Bobrow, board president, and Dr. James Bobrow Kathy and Tony Feraro Auction co-chairs Fran Marks, Barbara Druhe, Gloria Wind
Julie Morrison, Cari Wegge Billie Devoto, Kris and Keri Welhart Emily Kuzma, Heather Harry and Genie Mueller, Lillian Mueller, Kristen and Matt Masiel
Scott Stevens, Julie Nienhuis Donna Dudley, Sherri Helfrich, Pat Saenger, Maureen Clever Amanda Ohlsen, Kara Heiligenstein Mike and Diane Stock, Claire Erker, Tony LaMartina
Melinda Ohlemiller, M.A., Dr. Nanci Bobrow Caitlin Coburn, Evan Murphy, Mary Tucker, Charles Berger Jon Mendelson, Chris Bowers Lance LeComb, Kelly Ferrara, Claire Devoto, director of development
Lynne Sugerman, Jen O’Donnell Larry King, Jeanne Kirkton, Jill Schupp, state representative, 82nd district Stacy Taubman, Nell Talcott Katherine and Greg Lenley, Heidi Durr
Bud and Anne Strong Mary Anne Mellow, Matt and Kristen Masiel, Wes Mellow James and Regina McWilliams McGraw Milhaven, Michael Phillips, Tom Shaner
Rich and Judy Gallaher Jennifer Lyons, Camille Hartman, Kimberly Browning-Hoffman Bill Hausmann, Sally O’Hallaron Natalie Trivundza, Stephen and Sue Phillips, Erin Shasserre, Michael Phillips
Kara Heiligenstein, Amy Rekart David Koontz, Jennifer Koontz, Sonja Koontz Yolanda Akano, Denise Kayira Melinda Ohlemiller, M.A., chief executive officer, Dr. Nanci Bobrow, board president; John Higgins, Jr., Charter Communications, presenting sponsor
Tom and Dawn Helfrich Auction co-chairs Gloria Wind, Fran Marks, Barbara Druhe holding their gifts from NFNF Charter Communications Table (presenting sponsor) Charter Communications Table (presenting sponsor)
Sandy Bowling, Cindy Barkman, Lisa Moscoso Auction co-chairs Gloria Wind, Fran Marks, Barbara Druhe McGraw Milhaven, KTRS The Big 550 morning drive host and event emcee, wearing "tacky" sportcoat and holding a second for the 2011 honoree, Steve Phillips. McGraw declared the "tacky" sportcoat part of a new tradition for the awardee. McGraw Milhaven spins a yarn.
McGraw Milhaven watches as Steve Phillips models his new sportcoat. Steve Phillips, McGraw Milhaven Steve Phillips accepts the McGraw Milhaven Award for the Phillips Family and Ashley Furniture Homestore. Auctioneers Dean Wilson, Eric Fjone
Hilton St. Louis Frontenac Ballroom overview Auctioneers Dean Wilson, Eric Fjone    
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