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October, 04 2008 - NATAS Mid-America presents the 2008 EMMY GALA

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Chris Williams, Jim Kirchherr, NATAS Mid-America Chapter president Jerry Adams, Linda Hunn Beth Lindvahl, Maggie Eubanks, executive director, Andy Likes Joy Robertson, Vernie Fountain
Sharon, Edward, and Rebecca Buerkle Nancy and Wade Smith, Jon and Sherry Davis Sean Brown, Jan Thompson, Scott Blair, Tim Wilkerson Scott and Sarah Troehler
Michael Catcott, Michael Mackie John Woods, Billie Anderson Kirk Wilson, Kelley Hoskins Jen and Stephen Spiegel
Kay Ferris, Tom Vaccaro, Chris Williams Ryan, Alex, and Kevin Trepka Chris and Stacey Gough, Lynda and Perry Gough Greg and Margie Gibson
Jim Rothschild, Lynn Deane Mae and Martin Duggan Andy Kastler, Suzanne Milano David Niswonger, Victoria Babu
Jarrett Shustrin, Beth McEvoy Son-Mother: Chris and Pam Hayes Glenn and Carol Fishering Sherry Almaroad, Angie Wyatt
Debbie and Steve Perron Dale and Melody Jacobson Natalie and David Miller Greg and Denise Mishkel
Elaine Claspill, Barb Wobbe Barbara and Robert Dorma Aaron Giraudo, Andy Hainz, Phil Dunlap, Jon Spindler Dale ard, Kit Born, Tony Cook
Kris Ketz, Dana Wright, presenter Sarah Higgs, Jake Buhnerkempe Mike and LeAnne Thompson Dana Wright, presenter, Dave Stewart, presenter
Jerry Adams, Ronald Bigford Scott and Becky Hill Barbara Unser, Naomi Davis The Emmy and The Arch
Paul and Melissa Adler Stephanie and Greg Knight Son-Father: Todd and Del Faulkner Karen and Jack Luebbert
Bill Reed, Kelly Reed, Kathy Pakieser-Reed Whitney Mathews, Jacob Yadrich Keevan, Lorraine, and Mandel Samuels Steve Schankman, Doug Larsen
Larry Washington, Elliott Davis Aryana Crowson, B.J. Sams, 2008 Gold Circle Inductee Amy and Bob Shaw Cody Carson, Chris Herbert
Jazz Trio Jessica Summary, Kathy Weier, Chavon Curry Susan Pierson, Dan Niemann Peggy and Bill Kaufman
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