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September, 06 2008 - Friends of Wings WINGS Program presents “Wings in Color”

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Kelly Suess, Kim and Jerry Grunzinger, Jennifer Robinson, Stacey Suess Peggy Sheffold, Kevin Reynolds, Kerly Bruce, Adam Weygandt, Mara Bruce Jennifer and David Adam, Jennifer and Dr. Michael Penney Stacey and Lou Golterman, Diane Fischer
Peter Fischer, Peggy and Eric Schultz Asia Zimmerman, Thad and Amy Falkner Mark and Kim Westfall, Joan Thompson, president Steve Hochberg, Michelle Spirn, Gail Hochberg
Chris and Megan Frank Kristy and John Leach Diane and Tom Martin Steve and Katie Beimdick
Brett Bennett, Abby and Chris Marshall Jennifer and Matt Williams, Carla Cook, Stephanie Engel Kelly Suess, Stacy Suess, Jennifer and Jim Koman Linda and Paul Rohde, Catherine and Maurice Quiroga
Greg and Caroline Saunders, Michelle Spirn Ann and David Von Allmen, Fred and Elizabeth Kloecker, Michelle Wilkinson Allison and Gary Englander, Meghan and Mike Mahn Christi and Keith Johaningmeyer, Elizabeth Zucker
Barrett and Ellen Tautsig Chris and Cathy Golterman, Lou Golterman Jr., Kina Shapleigh, Christen and Kent Lindstom Peggy Martin Lockhart, Lindsay Marsden, Jim Lockhart Brian Bruce, Michelle and Garrett Lott
Lisa and Harry R. Bean Patrick and Emily Huber, Cheryl and Mark Ferguson Frank Mize, Michelle and Hany Abounader Greg Twardowski, Julie Lambert
Mark LoCigno, Cassandra Sanford Kellie and Robert Briggs Kristin Connell, Elizabeth Southern Karen Novak, Cissy Hacking, Molly Gray, Chris Novak
Steve and Jennifer Straub, Robert Woerner, Nicky Wenzel Julie Valier, Randy And Sandy Sims Norene Bennett, Tim Swanson, Jennifer Jermak Steve and Michelle Branham
Jacki Rosen, Lauren Lowman, Laura Armentrout, Dave Rosen Addie Tompkins, Christine Buck Executive Chef Josh Roland, Mark Winfield Overview
Aaron Teitelbaum, Executive Chef Kevin Sthair, Chef Richard Panson Overview Donna and Pete Rothschild Overview
Lisa Bean Jeff and Sheila Michalski Pleasure Groove Lisa and Matt Gieseking
Russ Sturgis, Nancy Teague Silent Auction Dancing World’s Fair Pavilion
Spectators Watching The Fireworks From The Patio Emily Huber, Joan Thompson, president, Cheryl Ferguson Overview Overview
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