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February, 18 2006 - St. John's Mercy Foundation's Second Annual Mardi Gras Masquerade

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Co-Chairs: Peggy Ritter and Marsha Rusnack Jack and Cathy Inkley, Lyndsey and Bruce Bartoo, Foundation president Thom Wellington, Neil Goldberg’s Cirque performer, Kathy Randall Tom and Kate Gunn
Jack and Pat Purnell Sandy and Paul Rauch Deanna Jones, Kristopher Curtis Keith, Todd, and Roger Steinbecker
President and CEO of St. John Mercy Health Care: Denny and Oscar DeNarvaez Marsha Rusnack, co-chair, Jack Purnell, Peggy Ritter, co-chair Sister Marilynn Wittenauer, Sister Mary Roch Rocklage, chair of Sponsor Board of Sisters of Mercy Pat and Ken Schutte
Ralph and Chris Clermont Paul and Creola Henderson Michael and Jackie Chehvall Michael and Wendy Zilm
Brian Robinson, Jeanne Thoma, Deanna Chadwick Jill Gocal, Neil Goldberg’s Cirque performer, Chris Gocal Jim Frechman, Jason Popelka, Arnold Appel Mandy and Enrico Stazzone, Neil Goldberg’s Cirque performer, Dr. Judy Park, Allen Allred
Co-Chairs: Bill and Marsha Rusnack, Peggy and Jerry Ritter Gerri Sample, Cathy Inkley Jon Arnold, Lori Berger, Kerrie Bommarito, Bill Stude Dr. Sally Petito, Dr. Seth Barbanell
Eileen Petito, Bruce Nie Todd and Sherri Steinbecker, Peggy and Roger Steinbecker, Tammy Derrigan Margaret and Tom Hale Cindy Bennett, Sister Ellen Greeley, Neil Goldberg’s Cirque performer, Sister Helen Tunnicliff
Lynn and Thriess Britton Tammy Derrigan, Jack and Pat Purnell Gerry and Antoinette Owens, Chuck and Amy Moll Julie and Tom Noonan
Polly and Eric Eoloff Dr. Keith and Virginia Starke Ron and Carol Ashworth Ken and Pat Schutte, John and Alex Arnold, board chair of St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, Chris and Ralph Clermont
Sarah and Ed Schwarz James and Beth Perera Julie and Ed Glotzbach Chris and Robin Chadwick
Brad and Christy Beech, Brian and Lisa Robinson Karen and Lendell Phelps Donna Flannery, Kristi Short Mike and Tricia Viviano
Dr. Burt and Ellen Needles Tamara Ehlert, Sam and Jennifer Page Randy Combs, Duane Roch Claire and Tom Applewhite
Mark and Jodi Blucher Laurel Harrington, Jeremy Roach Diana Ford, Allison McDonald David Dorman,Athena Peterson
Julie and Kurt Soell Kent and Vicky Jackson, Kelly Burch, Paul Molaskey Danelle and Jim Tainter Sister Dianne Ferguson, Sister Mary Robert Edwards, John and Rose Winter, Sister Carol Ann Callahan
Debbie and Steve Hartke Tammy Derrigan, Craig and Sharon Neumeister Mark and Cat Larson, Barbara and Barry Beracha Sister Carol Mucha, RSM, Sister Lizette Bathe, RSM, Sister Barbara Karleskint, RSM
Daughter-Mother: Mary Klix and Mildred Komanetsky Colleen Hilbert, Dr. Teresa Knight, Dr. Marc Clemente, Dr. Carrie Morrison Kathy Randall, Thom Wellington Danelle Tainter, Lori Callander
Overview Sister Michelle Salois, Sister Agnes Brueggen, Mike and Carolyn Solly Dodi Edinger, Alice Erlcihson, Julie Cates, Debbie Maassen, Janet Popelka, Evelyn Appel Larry Beekman, Sister Helen Tunnicliff
Table Setting Kate Koth, Lisa Taylor Brian and M.J. Crawford Mardi Gras figure
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