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November 11, 2005 - The Repertory Theatre's Fall Gala

What: Walk the red carpet and join The Rep for an evening filled with cinematic songs performed by the incomparable Denise Thimes and scenes from your favorite Hollywood films.

Where: The Crystal Ballroom of The Renaissance Grand Hotel

When: November 11, 2005

Time: 7:00 PM

Beneficiary: The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

Co-Chair(s): Cathy Berges and Barbara Bridgewater.

Committee Members: Jo Ann Harmon Arnold, Lee Bohm, Ramsey Botterman, Marie Brauer, Jinny Browning, Susan Cejka, Mary Ciapciak, Karen Condie, Carrie Eisenbeis, Gretta Forrester, Marilyn Fox, Cheri Fromm, Elizabeth Gentry Sayad, Anna Harris, Judy, Harri, Nancy Hawes, Anne Heisler, Juanita H. Hinshaw, Gay Hirsch, Mary Ann Hogan, Cheryl Holman, Maggie Holtman, Stacey King, Nancy Scanlon Koplar, Ann Liberman, Lucy Lopata, Lisa McMullin, Pixie Messey, Donna Moog, Pat Peck, Freda Rich, Peggy Ritter, Marsha Rusnack, Vince and Lois Schoemehl, Ann Scott, D. Lynn Seline, Glenn Sheffield, Bill and Jarona Stevens, Lynn Ann Vogel, Joan Westin Wendt and Donna Wilkerson.

Entertainment: A performance of Hollywood Melodies by the incomparable Denise Thimes.

Sponsors: Producer: U.S. Bank; Director: Emerson; Stars: Brown Shoe Company, Edward Jones; Cinematographers: Arch Coal, Northern Trust, The May Department Stores Foundation, Centene Corporation, Enterprise Bank and Trust; Screenwriters: Ann Augusting, Lee Bohm, Marie and John Brauer, Jinny and Larry Browning, Sue Cejka, Sam and Marilyn Fox, Nancy and Walter Galvin, Anna Harris, Anne and Jack Heisler, Cheryl and Ray Holman, Ven and Cynthia Houts, Carol and Bob Jones, Cindy Kohlbry, Jean Lange, Sally and Ned Lemkemeier, Lucy Lopata, I.E. and Helen Millstone, Isabelle and Jean-Paul Montupet, Donna and Lenny Landsbaum Moog, Pat and Bill Peck, Peggy Ritter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenthal, Marsha Rusnack, Ann and Hugh Scott, Glann and Bill Sheffield, Rob and Alice Sherwood, Bill and Jarona Sstevens, Betty and Dan Viehmann and Donna Wilkerson.

Attire: Theme

Information: Liana Sommerhauser at 314-968-7340

Blacktie Photos by: Brian Nauert

The Blacktie Photo Gallery is sponsored by:

 Friends of The Rep.
Friends of The Rep.

The Repertory Theatre's Fall Gala The Repetory Theatre's Fall Gala was on Friday, November 11, 2005. The gala was held at The Crystal Ballroom of The Renaissance Grand Hotel, 800 Washington Avenue. There was complimentary valet parking from the 8th Street entrance. They celebrated Tinsel Town at their Hollywood Showblitz Gala. Guests enjoyed an evening filled with timeless movie melodies and scenes from their favorite Hollywood films. Guests could come in blacktie Hollywood glamour or dress up as their favorite movie star. It was Lights! and Red Carpet Cocktails at 7:00 pm. Then it was onto Camera! for the delectable dinner at 8:00 pm. At 9:00 pm it was Action! for a performance of Hollywood Melodies by the incomparable Denise Thimes. The proceeds benefited the enriching educational programs of The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. Dynamic songstress Denise Thimes starred as the unstoppable Mother Shaw in The REp's 2005 production of Crowns and has appeared in numerous productions with the St. Louis Black Repertory Company. Her powerful vocal style transported the guests to a dramatic place of tinsel town dreams The Rep's performance home since 1966, the Loretto-Hilton Center for the Performing Arts is one of the St. Louis area's architectural gems and a remarkably flexible public space. In 2005, with the addition of The Rep's Off-Ramp performance series, we found a second home, the Grandel Theatre in Grand Center. Over almost four decades, The Rep has grown to be the St. Louis region's leading professional theatre. For more information about the Reportory Theare, please call Liana Sommerhauser at 314-968-7340 or visit their website at

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